Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reading log 1

Lord of the flies ch 6
Author: William Golding
Text type: novel
Date: 14 March 2016

The lord of the flies is an amazing book it uses lots of similes, metaphors, acronyms and other language techniques. Chapter 6 is a really big part of the text because this is when the boys find a dead guy in a parachute and decide to investigate, but the boys get scared and jack leads them back to the fire.

 When I read this I felt sorry for the littluns. I felt this because I thought about little kids seeing the dead and having to investigate and get up close. For example when little kids lose their mother/father in a real life scenario having to witness dead and sorrow

An interesting idea that this text made me think about was how little kids could handle the death of a friend or family member or even a random stranger, I think that kids react differently if they see someone they know compared to someone random. The author was making a very good point that the older kid (Jack) could act in a way to get them out of a scary situation. We see this in the text when the author writes about the dead figure in the air hanging from the trees from his parachute.  This shows  us that the elder boys are the leaders and can handle responsibility.  I think this is because Jack took the littluns out of the scary situation.